10 Best Classic Doctor Who Stories

Elsewhere on this blog is a post outlining the 10 worst Classic ‘Who stories and why. So what’s next? The 10 best, of course.

This is for you optimists out there.


10. The War Machines

An instant modern Doctor Who classic. The production values are high, Bill Hartnell is at his best, and it introduces one of the best Doctor Who companions: Polly.

9. Remembrance of the Daleks

Perhaps I’m a little biased – this was my first Doctor Who. You never forget your first. And boy, was it good. Sylvester McCoy finally settles into his role as The Doctor in a familiar setting… An excellent way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the show. And guess what… Flying Daleks! Heads-up: The audio commentary on this one is a goodun.

8. The Edge of Destruction

Now, I think I’m in a minority here when I say that I love The Edge of Destruction. Many dislike it because it’s not a substantial or “important” story. Sure, it’s no Genesis of the Daleks in terms of vintage ‘Who quality, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad story. In fact, it set a precedence, in my opinion, for the “psychological thriller”-style episodes from the Troughton era. Never before had ‘Who seen a story centred so much around characters as The Edge of Destruction, and in a way, it never has again.

7. The Tomb of the Cybermen

The best Cyberman story from the black and white era of Doctor Who, and indeed one of the best stories from the Second Doctor all together. It has the right combination of characters and action, of sci-fi and drama. One of the greats.

6. Earthshock

This one is on most Doctor Who fans’ lists. And with a classic, water-tight plot and an experimental conclusion, this story deserves no less.

5. City of Death

Not only was this story shot on location in Paris, its script is well thought-out and intelligent. Acting is top-notch and the dynamic of the episode is simply marvellous.

4. The War Games

Many are put off by this story’s length of 10 episodes, but don’t let it deter you. This epic story is a damn fine piece of television. Troughton shines, leaving the show with a bang, not a whimper. An excellent story that, despite its length, can be watched in a single sitting (if you’re dedicated, of course. This is still Doctor Who after all!).

3. The Two Doctors

Another story shot on a beautiful location, this time in Spain. Not only that – we see the immortal Patrick Troughton return, and, for once, finally, Colin Baker is given a chance to shine with a decent script. Infinitely rewatchable.

2. The Curse of Fenric

Here Sylvester McCoy is at his darkest – and his best- and Sophie Aldred gets her due screen-time. As cinematic as Doctor Who gets, The Curse of Fenric is a gem.

1. The Caves of Androzani

The Caves of Androzani is generally accepted as the best Classic ‘Who ep. Little more needs to be said – just watch it and see. If you find yourself getting bored – which I think is quite unlikely – just wait. Episode 4 is brilliance.

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