10 Most Cringeworthy Classic Doctor Who Villains

There were corkers, yes, but they weren’t without their cringeworthy counterparts. Classic Doctor Who saw many a bad monster… But which were the worst?

10.  Tree people – “Mark of the Rani”

So, you’re taking a nice stroll in the forest, minding your own business, when BAM, you’re turned into a tree. Oops, how embarrassing.

9. Bubble Wrap Monster – “Ark in Space ”    


In 1975, I’m sure this was very convincing. But in the age of bubble wrap, this monster stands not the test of time. Bubble wrap? More like bubble crap.

8. Dinosaur Baby – “Mark of the Rani”

What? A second monster from Mark of the Rani on this list? Don’t worry, I’m not biased against it. In fact, I quite enjoy the serial. But its monsters are regrettably somewhat lacking, such as this test-tube dinosaur baby which grows rapidly at the end of the episode, terrorizing all in its path. Even worse than the dinosaurs from Invasion of the Dinosaurs 11 years earlier. Aagh, run! It’s a rubber doll!

7. Frontios Hunchbacks – “Frontios”

These fellows from Frontios are hilarious. Look at their cwute widdle hands!

6. Walking Vaginas – “Terror of the Vervoids”

Ah, the walking vaginas. Not much more to be said about these.

5. Candyman – “The Happiness Patrol”

It’s not often a Doctor Who monster can be fought with lemonade… And good riddance. If you aren’t familiar with this enemy, your eyes don’t deceive you. Yes, he is made of candy. You can tell that by Season 25, ideas were running thin at the BBC.

4. The Peladon Pickle – “The Curse of Peladon”

The pickle from Peladon. While this is technically a recurring character (appearing in two different stories), I couldn’t exclude this “monster”, or garden vegetable, on the basis that it’s just too bad.

3. Bee People – “The Web Planet”

There’s nothing quite like watching people dressed as bees running around a set flapping their arms about. I’ve seen more convincing Halloween costumes made by 7-year-olds.

2. Killer Shrooms  – “The Chase”

Aagh! The killer mushrooms! And they’re conveniently person-sized and shaped! And they jiggle up and down around a cardboard forest! And they don’t have any form of attack other than bumping into you several times before falling over! Actually, you know what? Forget the “Aagh”. I’m going for lunch.

1. Myrka – “Warriors of the Deep”

So, what could be worse than blokes in mushroom costumes? You ain’t seen nothing yet. As Peter Davidson (Doctor Number Five) once put it, “The Myrka is one of those monsters that you could walk away from and outrun”. Its curmudgeonly arse-end is out of proportion with its front end, and neither end is acted well. Its paint was still wet during filming, leaving a trail of green slime on any actor it encountered. Its only weapon appears to be its ability to die on top of an unfortunate extra, throwing its weight about like there’s no tomorrow. Let’s face it, The Myrka is legendary, and The Myrka is rubbish.

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