Doctor Who’s Greatest Bad Lines: A Story in Pictures – Part 1

It started with Hartnell. Troughton’s era wasn’t much better. Whether intentional, accidental or a fumble too expensive to reshoot, Doctor Who’s terrible lines have made it into the unwritten but all-too-well-known ledger that gave Doctor Who its reputation.

A list of these could inspire any film director into self-praise. It could upheave the notion that Doctor Who was, despite its budget, a quality television program. But, most of all, it could display the inimitable charm of the program, which remained unchallenged for four decades.

So here it is.

Below: One of the many brilliant Hartnellisms. From The Edge of Destruction.

01 I lied deliberately

02 secutiry kitchen

Above: Dun dun duuuuun. From The Ark.

Below: Let’s go out on a limb. From The Space Museum.

04 arms in xeron hands

05 space pressure

Above: The Doctor’s reason for why the TARDIS doors opened mid-flight, miniaturising the crew to the size of an inch. From Planet of Giants.

Below: Oh Ian. From The Crusade.

06 knight's sleep

07 backshooter

Above: He was shot soon after. From The Gunfighters.

Below: Steven gets a bit too pally with The Toymaker in The Celestial Toymaker.

09 backside

10 gobstoppers

Above: A surprised Doctor in The Krotons.

Below: The Doctor’s response to a yeti attack in The Abominable Snowmen.

11 bung a rock

12 earth brains

Above: A witty insult from a Cyberman in The Moonbase.

Below: But don’t worry, it’s relatively painless. From The Underwater Menace.

13 operation

14 fornicator

Above: It’s “fault locator”. From The Edge of Destruction.

Below: Presumably he meant “won’t”. From The Daleks’ Master Plan.

15 daleks

18 nose

Above: I don’t even… From The Wheel in Space.

Below: This is my new text alert tone. From Terror of the Autons.

19 bun vendor

20 paralysed with fear

Above: I’d wager she has. From Doctor Who and the Silurians.

Below: Except The Doctor and his companions. From The Underwater Menace.

21 nothing in the world

Got your own bad lines to add? The comment box is open.

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