Doctor Who’s Greatest Bad Lines: A Story in Pictures – Part 2

1. finito tardis

A witty statement from the universe’s evil mastermind.

2. fertility dance

This is my new favourite pick-up line.

3. Hoist off your skirts


4. back blast backlash

I always use alliteration in times of crisis. Amendment: Rewatching this episode, it was actually Romana II who said this.

5. some kind of fear

Clearly the genius of a top United Nations scientific adviser.

6. quick one

Okay, the picture isn’t exactly from this scene, but it illustrates the sentiment nicely.

7. fur and all

As opposed to skinning it first?

8. sexual air supply


9. Simmer down

Then stir constantly for two minutes until boiled through. Serve with thyme.

10. my everything


11. happychristmas

This actually happened.

12. too warm

Mr Hartnell’s Redundancy Course on Redundancy

13 catharsis

There’s nothing you can do to make sense of what he just said.

14. FullofArabs

I kid you not. Take a look at the episode below, and at roughly 18:45, you’ll see.


You can view Part 1 of the “Bad Lines” series here.

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