10 Times Sharks Exploded in Films

The film industry has an affinity for exploding sharks. Here’s a list of times it’s happened.


The Plot: After a baby dinoshark frozen in ice melts away to menace a village in Puerto Vallarta, it seems global warming is more dangerous than we thought.

How it happens: The protagonist throws a grenade into Dinoshark while jumping from his jet ski.

Famous line: “Welcome to the endangered species list, you bastard.”


The plot: A giant great white shark menaces beach-goers at Amity Island.

How it happens: Gas tank, meet bullet. Bullet, meet gas tank.

Famous line: “Smile, you son of a—“



Jaws: The Revenge

The plot: Another, bigger shark targets one family for revenge.

How it happens: An explosive powered by electrical impulses makes its way into the shark’s mouth. The rest is history.

Famous line: “If I go any faster this thing will turn into a flying Cuisinart and we’ll all be diced into oblivion!”




The plot: A half-shark-half-octopus created for the military wreaks havok in Mexico.

How it happens: An explosive planted in the shark is detonated after its creator’s daughter guesses the detonation password.

Famous line: “I hope you choke on me, you freak. Aaarrrggharghaaah!”




The plot: A freak weather event floods Los Angeles as thousands of sharks are picked up by a passing tornado.

How it happens: The heroes drop grenades into the tornados from a helicopter.

Famous line: “We’re going to get in that chopper, and throw bombs into the tornados”




The plot: Batman and Robin fight four villains who possess a machine that can dehydrate people. In Batman’s attempts to foil their plans, he is drawn into open water where he meets a shark and punches it in the face.

How it happens: Robin hands Batman a can of Shark-Repellent Bat Spray they have handy on board their helicopter, and the shark falls to its death. It appears the four master villains rigged it with an explosive beforehand, and the shark explodes on impact with the water.

Famous line: “Hand me down the shark-repellent Bat Spray!”



Sharktopus vs Pteracuda

The plot: When an American scientist accidentally sets loose a giant half-pterodactyl-half-barracuda, it’s up to Sharktopus to save the day.

How it happens: The hero fires a timed rocket launcher at Pteracuda then drives his boat away to safety before the explosion, which kills both Pteracuda and Sharktopus in a splatter of blood and fish meat.

Famous line: “Suck on this.”



Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus

(skip to 8:20 for the explosion)

The plot: A megalodon fights a dino-croc in inner-city USA.

How it happens: Mega Shark and Crocosaurus fall, mid-fight, into an exploding volcano.

Famous line: “Sir, the creatures are toast.”




2-Headed Shark Attack

(skip to 8:30 for the explosion)

The plot: A freakish two-headed shark attacks students on a flooded atoll after sinking their ship.

How it happens: Shark, meet rotary engine. Rotary engine, meet shark.

Famous line: “He deserves 100 ass-kickings!”


Sand Sharks

The plot: Sharks that swims through sand terrorise a resort holiday location.

How it happens: The heroine throws an entire flamethrower into the last surviving shark’s mouth.

Famous line: “We’re stuck between a rock and a shark place.”


Have your own shark explosion to add? The comment box is open!

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